Fundamental Elements

gAGE/UPC participates in two different Specific Contracts (SC1) of the Fundamental Elements program, a new EU R&D funding mechanism supporting the development of EGNSS-enabled chipsets, receivers and antennas. The Fundamental Elements projects are part of the overall European GNSS strategy for market uptake, led by GSA.

In the Specific Contract 1, namely GSA/OP/12/16/Lot 1/SC1 "Integration of the Fundamental Elements, Lot 1 Technical Support Platform Technical, consulting assistance and expertise to the GSA in the areas of rail, maritime and on-site technical support" gAGE/UPC provides technical assistance to Market Development Department in the area of maritime and inland waterways (IWW) domains, to support a new service for maritime, based on EGNOS and taking into account IMO requirements.

In the Specific Contract 2, namely GSA/OP/12/16/Lot 1/SC2 "Integration of the Fundamental Elements Lot 1 - Technical Support Platform Technical support to FANTASTIC, ESCAPE and OS-NMA projects", gAGE/UPC acts as the external reviewer of the FANTASTIC project.

  • Funding Agency/companyEuropean GNSS Agency (GSA)
  • ResponsibleEVERIS
  • Coordinator: Jaume Sanz Subirana (UPC)
  • Partners: Cranfield University, INECO, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB).
  • Year/s of execution: 2018-2019
  • Duration: 18 months

EVERIS-SC1 [CTT: C-11090] JSS 47k 

EVERIS-SC2 [CTT: C-11091] JSS  61k