The gAGE research group was created at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) in 1987. Initially registered as the Research group of Astronomy and Galactic Dynamics, it was renamed as Research group of Astronomía y Geodesia Espacial  (gAGE) in 1994, and as Research group of Astronomy and GEomatics (gAGE) in 1998.
In the nineties most of the research group activities were oriented to GNSS in collaboration with Dr. Antoni Rius from CSIC until 1997, and with the incorporation of Dr. Manuel Hernández Pajares in 1990 as a gAGE staff until 2013. In 2009, the company gAGE-NAV, S.L. was created as an University Spin-off of gAGE/UPC.

The activity portfolio of gAGE in GNSS includes new algorithms for Wide Area navigation and Fast Precise Point Positioning at the centimetre-level of accuracy using GPS/Galileo signals, SBAS and GBAS studies, and precise Ionospheric and tropospheric sounding. Educational activities include GNSS teaching at different University levels (undergraduate, Master and PhD).

Other activities developed by gAGE members are in the field of Astronomy and Galactic Dynamics.

gAGE research group is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Jaume Sanz Subirana and Prof. Dr. José M. Juan Zornoza.